Enhance the value of your real estate asset as an owner or tenant.


Through one organization, we offer a full menu of open book, market tested real estate and construction professional services that control cost, schedule and quality of project whether it is site selection, lease relocation, construction remodel, disposition/acquisition of a building or build to suit.


We diagnose business owner real estate problems, provide strategy, implement and manage the procurement process for customers that require leased space for their company operation, building acquisition/disposition, site selection, entitlement services or build-to-suit oversight.

We are in the real estate customer satisfaction business. We will provide rapid response and a high level of communication with our customers.

Due to the unique nature of each transaction we will establish a communication plan for each client and diligently adhere to that plan.

Competitive Comparison

Heise-Meyer will have a distinct competitive advantage because of our depth of real estate and construction expertise.

Our transaction experience coupled with our ability to quickly provide accurate information regarding all aspects of a client's transaction from the beginning and the ability to execute the transaction components will result in a client outcome that efficiently achieves optimum transaction value in the marketplace.

The synthesis all of the quantitative and qualitative aspects involved in the project all add up to our being your best value choice that establishes a trust based, long term relationship that is committed to enhancing the investment value of your asset.